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    APRIL 22nd or 23rd


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    ”Shake It Off”

    April 22nd or April 23rd


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    Who should attend:

    – Administrative Assistants
    – Executive Assistants
    – Office Managers
    – Support Staff
    – Human Resource Staff
    – Accounting Staff
    APRIL 22nd or 23rd

    Positive Directions register-now


  • What a wonderful and delightful day! Thank you.

  • Great food, good fun, I will return next year!

  • All the sessions I went to were really good. The speaker in the morning was very motivational and gave really good details on how to work on goals. The customer service session was also really good, and funny. As a matter of fact I am using some of the information for an in-service for our staff.

  • Everything was so good: the speakers were enthusiastic, the dancing was awesome, getting up and giving a speech [during the Communication workshop] was good. I enjoyed the heck out of it!”

  • It was awesome, fun, and informative. I’ve never been to one and really enjoyed it. The speakers were great!

  • Speakers were great, inspirational and advice very beneficial.

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